The Story of the Phoenix

The Story of The Phoenix

In Greek myth, the Phoenix is a fiery bird, when it dies is re-born again from it’s ashes. I chose to name my company after this bird, because I am the Phoenix.

In 1993, my parents began a trucking company in Southern Alberta, Phoenix Delivery Services. By 2013 Phoenix Delivery Services had routes from Lethbridge to Edmonton. My parents sold the company and retired.

Family is very important to me, so I wanted my business to be named after theirs, a continuation… a re-birth.


A Chance to Speak

In 2015, I set out to do my first documentary. We chose to focus on poverty in Saskatoon, and allow those living in poverty to tell their stories. This experience did 4 things for me:

1) Taught me how lucky and fortunate I am. I had an incredibly loving family and I am extremely blessed, and I will never forget that.

2) It made me fall in love with telling stories. In my opinion, video is the greatest platform we have to tell stories. With the advent of social media it has became that much easier to share stories whether personal or professional.

3) Taught me to always ask questions and never stop learning.

4) Anything is possible. By the time everything was said and done, A Chance to Speak, was critically acclaimed. We toured to film festivals, were invited to the Legislature in Regina, and most impressively learned to market really well on Facebook.


You can watch A Chance to Speak here:


Taking Flight

From 2016- 2017, I studied as much as I could about video production and social media ,marketing. I wanted to tell people’s stories and show how powerful social media could be to share those stories. I truly believe Social Media will dispose of Television. In August of 2017, I incorporated my business. It was a big and daunting step, but nothing like the next one. In June of 2018, I quit my full time job where I had done marketing for the Provincial Parks system. Now Rogue Phoenix Media, can truly take flight.

I want to tell your stories, and I want to share with you my ability to grow your social media. I can promise you, I will always do my best. As you explore my website, I have put contact info for businesses who I have done video or social media for. I encourage you to call them and ask if I would be a good fit for you.

Thank you,

Vernon Boldick
Creator- Rogue Phoenix Media
(306) 361-7036


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