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Client Success Story

During the Fall of 2017, Ens Toyota was clearing out their 2017 vehicles. They wanted an ad for Facebook that was fun and would be easily shareable. This ad was seen by over 50 000 people on Facebook alone. Facebook video is very unique, in that it allows you to be very strategic when advertising. First you can re-target people based on how long they watched the video, video is also favoured by Facebook’s algorithm, reaching more people than photos, text and links.

Social media allows you to create video ads for a fraction of a fraction of the cost of what it would be on TV. It also allows you to be very specific with who sees your ad. Something TV ads or a billboard just can’t do.

You can visit Ens Toyota’s website or call General Manager Bob Harder at (306) 653-5611 and ask him what he thought of our product.


Client Success Story

In July of 2018, Holistic Physiotherapy and Wellness came to us looking for a video to advertise their new office location.  Not only did we create a video for them, we helped target a specific audience on Facebook to see the ad. The results were amazing! In a week we had over a 100 people click on the link that took them to a booking page. More impressively, we were also converting at $0.29/click!

You can visit Holistic Physiotherapy and Wellness website. Email them at or call them at (306) 373-0060, to hear what they have to say about us!

Facebook gives you all sorts of tools to measure the success of your ad. One of the most useful is Facebook Pixel it allows you to re-target people based on how much of the video they have watched. Videos are the most shared type of content on social media. Facebook’s VP came out and said it will be completely video by 2020! We really encourage you to get on that train now and think about incorporating video into your social media strategy.

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